Starting with Private Cloud in Europe is Now Easier than Ever Before...


Solve your Compliance, Data Protection and DevOps Cloud Performance issues with a Neophase Solution featuring Piston OpenStack™



Neophase Technologies designs and provides complete Solutions for secure, scalable, highly-available and cost-effective turnkey Private Clouds on x86 commodity hardware.

Neophase is Worldwide Authorized Solution Partner for San Francisco's Piston Cloud Computing, the creators of the industry's first  commercial OpenStack® Private Cloud software.

DevOps at the Speed of Development

Piston OpenStack™ software supplied and deployed by Neophase allows DevOps teams to easily use and manage an OpenStack® private cloud without heavy-duty IT operations expertise or resources.

Providing virtualized compute, storage, networking, and management through self-service interfaces and APIs. Interoperable with leading PaaS and Big Data solutions, Piston OpenStack delivers more than the agility and cost savings of Public Cloud without the hassle of managing a typical on-premise solution.

Advanced technology keeps your Private Cloud running - through hardware failure, operator error, upgrades and power failures.

Enterprise Cloud ...also for Startups

Scale a Private Cloud from as little as 5-10 servers for a Startup or small Proof of Concept (POC)  to thousands of servers in multiple data centers for Enterprise customers.

Delivers automated flexibility, scalability, self-service, rock-solid security and high availability with greater agility at a lower cost than Virtualization or Public Cloud.

Hardened Security - including both OS and APIs protecting your data, together with your data on hardware that YOU control - makes EU/UK Compliance and Data Protection standards much easier to achieve.

Design and Deploy On- or Off-Premise

Neophase provides solutions to fit our Customers' needs. These range from software supply and deployment to a full-lifecycle four-stage Infrastructure assessment, Architecture/Design, Hardware specification and Deployment.

Neophase will perform all sizes of Private Cloud Deployment from small Startup/POC to Scale-Out.

Deployment can be On-Premise at the Customer's facility or data center or hosted  in one of over 300 Neophase partnered facilities worldwide.

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